W2UI 1.3 Released: Goodbye Pagination, Hello Infinite Scroll

October 29, 2013
I am happy to announce the release of W2UI ver 1.3. This release has many new features, improvements, bug fixes. New 1.3 version is not backward compatible with 1.2, however, these release notes should help you migrate. I have also back-ported some bug fixes into W2UI ver 1.2.1 that is fully backwards compatible with 1.2 version.

The short story

One of the major changes in 1.3 is deprecation of pagination in favor of infinite scroll. My goal was to make the grid present records in a natural way so that you would not even think that there is any other way. You scroll, you see more records (if any). You engage the scroll bar, you get the records you were hoping to get. And I think it turned out to be an awesome feature.
You can see a demo of Infinite Scroll in the demo section. It works great for local data source, when all records are present in JavaScript, as well as for remote data source when records and retrieved from the server as user scrolls. If your data source is remote, the grid will initially fetch first 100 records and if user scrolls down it will fetch next 100. Fetched records get stored in the records array and if user scrolls up - no server request will be made.
I have gotten an early comment from a user that it might not be satisfying for DB intensive requests. To address this issue a new property has been introduced - autoLoad - that indicates whether to load more records when user scrolls down or display "Load More" button at the bottom of prefetched records.
I have updated demos and documentation to reflect changes in 1.3. The following is the non-exhaustive list of updates in this release:

The long story

Every widget has been touched in this release. In the list below you can find all improvements and new features for each widget.


  • Improved %-based panel size calculations
  • Improved min/max calculations on window resize
  • Implemented ability to load CSS into a hidden panel
  • Implemented ability to defined tabs as array or w2tabs object
  • Added .el() method
  • Added .html() method
  • Added .lock() method
  • Added .unlock() method
  • Added .sizeTo() method
  • Added .showToolbar() method
  • Added .hideToolbar() method
  • Added .toggleToolbar() method
  • Added .showTabs() method
  • Added .hideTabs() method
  • Added .toggleTabs() method
  • Deprecated .doResize() method (made private)
  • Deprecated .startResize() method (made private)
  • Deprecated .stopResize() method (made private)
  • Deprecated .initEvents() method (made private)
  • Deprecated .initTabs() method (made private)
  • Deprecated .initToolbar() method (made private)



  • Renamed .doClick() into .click()
  • Renamed .doMenuClick() into .menuClick()
  • Deprecated .getMenuHTML() method





  • Keyboard Navigation for w2popup (esc)
  • Keyboard Navigation for w2alert and w2confirm (esc - no, enter - yes)
  • Added .onKeydown event
  • Added .lock() method
  • Added .unlock() method
  • Renamed .doKeydown() into .keydown()
  • Refactored w2alert and w2confirm to work when a popup already opened
  • Refactored Events to be fully compient with w2event as in all other widgets


  • Implemented keybaord increment for number fields
  • Implemented read only for enums
  • Added options.url select property
  • Added options.render method for enum, if returns false, no item show
  • Added options.onAdd enum event
  • Added options.onHide enum event
  • Added options.onItemOut enum event
  • Added options.onItemOver enum event
  • Added options.onItemClick enum event
  • Added options.onRemove enum event
  • Added options.onShow enum event


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