W2UI 1.4 Released

July 21, 2014
I am happy to announce the release of W2UI 1.4. This release has many improvements and bug fixes. New 1.4 version is not fully backward compatible with 1.3, however, the migration should be easy as there were only few changes that would break your previous code.

Input Controls

One of the biggest updates in this release is fully refactored input controls, see demos. You can use them stand-alone (more in this post) or within a form. Input controls include:
  • Numeric
  • Date & Time
  • Lists
  • Multi List
  • Upload
All these new input controls can be used as field types in w2form, as search field controls or inline editing controls in w2grid.

Route Support

I have added route property in w2sidebar node, w2toolbar item and w2tabs tab. Consider following example in case of a sidebar: Now, clicking on the node, will follow a route with merged dynamic id.
In w2grid and w2form you can use dynamic routes as they pull data from the server

Improved Overlays

Overlays had major improvements. Now overlays will:
  • open up or down depending on available screen space
  • allow to have multiple instances at the same time
  • allow to build context menus
  • have more options

Form Templates

Form template auto generating is not new, but in this release it has been improved with additional options. You can still provide your own form template or specify how a template should be built. The template for a particular field has changed.
FROM TO which I think is more expressive. Still, the easiest way to generate initial templates by generateHTML

Get all nodes, items, tabs

Now you get quickly find out all nodes in w2sidebar, items in w2toolbar or tabs w2tab by calling get method without arguments. It turned out to be quite useful. Consider the following example that disabled all nodes with one line For a complete list of changes, see change log below.

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