actions - Object, default = {}
Object of event handlers for form actions.
applyFocus - setFocus([focus])
Sets focus to a field.
autosize - Boolean, default = true
Indicates if the form should set the height of the box where it is rendered based on the form's content.
fields - Object, default = []
Array of field objects.
focus - Integer, default = 0
Indicates what field to set focus on render.
formHTML - String, default = ''
Form HTML template.
formURL - String, default = ''
URL of the form HTML template.
header - String, default = ''
The header of the form.
httpHeaders - Object, default = {}
Object of http headers for AJAX calls.
isGenerated - Boolean, default = false.
Indicates if HTML template has been generated.
last - Object, default see below
Last state parameters
method - String, default = null
Override the method for this form.
msgAJAXerror - String, default = 'AJAX error. See console for more details.'
Error message when server returns undefined error.
msgNotJSON - String, default = 'Returned data is not in valid JSON format.'
Error message when server does not return JSON structure.
msgRefresh - String, default = 'Refreshing...'
Message that appears when form refreshes.
msgSaving - String, default = 'Saving...'
Message that appears when form is being saved.
multipart - Boolean, default = false
Indicates if form need to be submitted as multipart/form-data
nestedFields - Boolean, default = true
Use field name containing dots as separator to look into object.
original - Object, default = {}
Original fields as they were loaded from data source.
page - Integer, default = 0
Current page.
pageStyle - String, default = ''
Additional style for each form page div
postData - Object, default = {}
Map of additional parameter to submit to remote data source.
recid - Integer, default = null
ID of the record.
record - Object, default = {}
Map of field values.
routeData - String, default = ''
Object with data for the route.
tabindexBase - Integer, default = 0
Indicates the tabindex base value for generated form fields.
tabs - Object, default = {}
Tabs for the form.
toolbar - Object, default = {}
Toolbar for the form.
url - String or Object, default = ''
URL to the remote data source.

Common Properties

box - DOM Element, default = null
The DOM element where to render the object.
handlers - Array, default = []
Array of event handlers.
name - String, default = ''
Unique name for the object.
style - String, default = ''
Additional style for the .box where the object is rendered.