Array of field objects.
Object, default = []
(NEW in 2.0+) more expressive way to define fields, see this demo.
For each input or select control in the HTML template of the form, you need to define a corresponding object in the fields array. A field object has following structure: Note: field.html.groupCollapsible is misspelled field.html.groupCollapsable in w2ui 1.5.0
The form supports all types that $().w2field({}) supports and few more types in addition. The complete list of all types are:
  • alphanumeric - text field that only allows alpha numberic characters
  • array - builds an array of key/value pairs, uses field.options.keys, field.options.values
  • check - list of checkboxes, uses options.items
  • checks - alias for check
  • checkbox - single checkbox
  • color - color picker
  • combo - field with auto complete items, user field.options.items
  • currency - alias for money
  • date - date picker
  • datetime - date and time picker
  • div - div field, uses field.html.html (same as custom)
  • email - email validated field
  • enum - multi select element, uses field.options.items
  • file - html file input
  • float - float number only, uses field.options
  • group - type = group is only supported in consturctor
  • hex - hex number
  • html - just some html instead of the field, uses field.html.html (same as empty)
  • int - integer number
  • list - drop down list, uses field.options.items
  • map - builds a map of unique key/value pairs, uses field.options.keys, field.options.values
  • money - number in money format, for international formats seee w2utils.settings
  • pass - password field
  • password - alias for pass
  • percent - number as percenage
  • radio - list of radio items, uses field.options.items
  • select - html select element, uses field.options.items
  • text - any text
  • textarea - text area
  • time - time picker
  • toggle - toggle control, similar to checkbox
If you have a container: The form definition will be:

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