action - action(action, [event])
Called when user clicks form's button.
change - change(field1, field2, ...)
Trigger change event for the specified field
clear - clear([field1, field2, ...])
Clears entire form or specified fields.
confirm - confirm(options)
Shows a context confirmation dialog for the form
disable - disable(field1, field2, ...)
Disables fields in a form.
enable - enable(field1, field2, ...)
Enables fields in a form.
error - error(msg)
Display error message.
generateHTML - generateHTML()
Generate HTML template for simple forms (Internal method).
get - get([field], [returnIndex])
Finds and returns the field object or its index.
getChanges - getChanges()
Compares current record object to original and returns difference.
getCleanRecord - getCleanRecord([strict])
Returns clean record object
getValue - getValue(field)
Returns the current value of a given field.
goto - goto(page)
Opens specified form page.
hide - hide(field1, field2, ...)
Hides fields in a form.
lock - lock(message, [showSpinner])
Locks the form and displays a status message.
lockPage - lockPage(page, [message])
Locks an individual page in the form and displays a status message.
message - message(options)
Shows a context message for the form
reload - reload([callBack])
Reloads record data and refreshes the form.
request - request([postData], [callBack])
Reloads record data and refreshes the form.
save - save([postData], [callBack])
Submits record data to remote data source for saving.
set - set(field, obj)
Extends field object with obj.
setValue - setValue(field, value)
Sets a new value of a given field.
show - show(field1, field2, ...)
Shows fields in a form.
showErrors - showErrors()
Show errors of the form
submit - submit([postData], [callBack])
Submits record data to remote data source for saving.
toggleGroup - toggleGroup(groupName, [show])
Toggles the collapsed state of a form's group.
unlock - unlock()
Unlocks the form.
unlockPage - unlockPage(page, [speed])
Unlocks an individual page in the form.
updateEmptyGroups - updateEmptyGroups()
Hides empty groups, shows non empty groups
validate - validate([showErrors])
Performs form validation.

Common Methods

destroy - destroy()
Destroys the object.
off - off(type, [handler])
Removes event listener from the object.
on - on(type, handler)
Adds event listener to a object.
refresh - refresh([id])
Refreshes the object without completely re-inserting it.
render - render([box])
Renders the object into box.
resize - resize()
Resizes the object to the width and height of its container.
trigger - trigger(eventData)
Executes all event listeners added with on() method.