age - age(dateStr)
Returns age in human readable format.
base64decode - base64decode(str)
Decodes string using base64 method.
base64encode - base64encode(str)
Encodes string using base64 method.
bindEvents - bindEvents(selector, subject)
Binds events found as data-* tags to the current object
checkName - checkName(params, component)
Verifies if specified name was already used in w2ui object.
checkUniqueId - checkUniqueId(id, items, itemsDescription, objName)
Verifies if specified id is unique within the set.
clone - clone(obj)
Clones an object or an array
cssPrefix - w2utils.cssPrefix(prop, val, returnString)
Adds browser specific prefixes and returns resulting css.
date - date(dateStr)
Returns date in human readable format.
decodeTags - decodeTags(str)
Decodes HTML tags.
encodeTags - encodeTags(str)
Encodes HTML tags.
escapeId - escapeId(id)
Escapes id for the use in jQuery.
execTemplate - execTemplate(str, obj)
Fills out a template with provided variables
extend - extend(target, source1, source2, ...)
Extends an object or an array
formatDate - formatDate(dateStr, format)
Returns date in requested format.
formatDateTime - formatDateTime(dateStr, format)
Returns date and time in requested format.
formatNumber - formatNumber(val, [groupSymbol], [decimalSymbol])
Formats a number adding commas.
formatSize - formatSize(val)
Formats a number as file size.
formatTime - formatTime(dateStr, format)
Returns time in requested format.
getCursorPosition - w2utils.getCursorPosition(input)
Returns cursor position in an input or contentEditable element.
getSize - getSize(el, type)
Returns the size or absolute position of the element in px including padding, margin and border.
getStrWidth - getStrWidth(str, styles)
Returns width of the string in px.
hsv2rgb - hsv2rgb(color)
Converts HSV to RGB color definition
i18nCompare - i18nCompare(a, b);
Compares two strings and returns 0, 1, or -1.
interval - interval(intStr)
Returns interval value in human readable format.
isAlphaNumeric - isAlphaNumeric(str)
Returns true if str is alpha-numeric.
isBin - isBin(str)
Returns true if str is a binary number.
isDate - isDate(str, [format], [returnDateObj])
Returns true if str is a date.
isDateTime - isDateTime(str, [format], [returnDateObj])
Returns true if str is a date and time.
isEmail - isEmail(str)
Returns true if str is a valid email address.
isFloat - isFloat(str)
Returns true if str is a float number.
isHex - isHex(str)
Returns true if str is a hex number.
isInt - isInt(str)
Returns true if str is a integer number.
isIpAddress - isIpAddress(str)
Returns true if str is a IP v4.
isMoney - isMoney(str)
Returns true if str is in money format.
isTime - isTime(str)
Returns true if str is a valid time.
lang - lang(phrase, params);
Returns translation for the phrase.
locale - locale(locale, [keepPhrases]);
Loads a new locale.
lock - lock(box, message, showSpinner)
Locks HTML element.
message - message(where, [options])
Slides down a dialog that does not lock entire page.
naturalCompare - naturalCompare(a, b);
Compares two strings and returns 0, 1, or -1.
normMenu - normMenu(menu, [obj]);
Normalizes menu to a consistent array
parseColor - parseColor(color)
Returns parsed color object.
parseRoute - parseRoute(route)
Returns parsed route object.
rgb2hsv - rgb2hsv(color)
Converts RGB to HSV color definition
scrollBarSize - scrollBarSize()
Returns width of a scrollbar
setCursorPosition - w2utils.setCursorPosition(input, pos)
Sets cursor position in an input or contentEditable element.
sha256 - sha256(str)
Calculated md5 hash
stripTags - stripTags(str)
Removes all HTML tags.
tooltip - tooltip(msg, [options])
Generates and encoded events for w2tag.
transition - transition(div_old, div_new, type, [callBack])
Transitions two absolute DIVs.
unescapeId - unescapeId(id)
Unescapes id.
unlock - unlock(box, [speed])
Unlocks HTML element.