ES6 Modules

The best way to integrate w2ui into your project is by using native import/export functionality of the modern browsers (only ever-green browsers & Safari 13+). It is the recommended and cleanest way to use w2ui. All the demos have been converted to this pattern.
You can use w2ui-starter-es6 project as a starting point, which can be cloned and initialized in the following way:
It provides a minimalistic boilerplate that serves as a starting point.
See for more details.

What is Included

The following JavaScript components are included:

  • Grid - the most feature complete grid in existance
  • Forms - declarative forms, auto-generated HTML
  • Layout - user full "real estate" available
  • Toolbars - check/radio/regular buttons, drop menu, checkboxes, etc.
  • Sidebars - navigation and sub-navigation
  • Tree - sidebar can function as a tree
  • Tabs - modern looking tabs
  • Popup - alerts, confirmation boxes or general purpose popup
  • Fields - input fields upgraded
  • Utilitis - things I do not want to reimplement in each project