add - add(tabs)
Adds a tab or tabs.
animateClose - animateClose(id)
Animates closing of the id.
animateInsert - animateInsert(id, tab)
Inserts tab into DOM before tab with id
click - click(id, [event])
Called when user clicks the tab.
clickClose - clickClose(id, [event])
Called when user clicks close button of the tab.
disable - disable(id1, [id2], ...)
Disables a tab or tabs.
dragMove - dragMove(event)
Called when user drags tabs to reorder.
enable - enable(id1, [id2], ...)
Enables a tab or tabs.
get - get(id, [returnIndex])
Finds and returns specified tab.
getTabHTML - getTabHTML(id)
Generate HTML for the tab with id and returns it.
hide - hide(id1, [id2], ...)
Hides tab or tabs with id.
initReorder - initReorder(id, event)
Initializes reorder when tabs is dragged
insert - insert(before, tabs)
Inserts a tab or tabs before tab with id=before
remove - remove(id1, [id2], ...)
Removes tabs with id.
scroll - scroll(direction, [instant])
Scrolls tabs if they overflow.
scrollIntoView - scrollIntoView(id, [instant], [callBack])
Scrolls specified tab into the veiw.
select - select(id)
Finds tab with id and makes it active.
set - set(id, tab)
Finds tab with id and extends it with tab object.
show - show(id1, [id2], ...)
Shows tab or tabs with id.
tooltipHide - tooltipHide(id)
Hides tooltip of the tab with id.
tooltipShow - tooltipShow(id, [event], [forceRefresh])
Shows tooltip of the tab with id.

Common Methods

destroy - destroy()
Destroys the object.
off - off(type, [handler])
Removes event listener from the object.
on - on(type, handler)
Adds event listener to a object.
refresh - refresh([id])
Refreshes the object without completely re-inserting it.
render - render([box])
Renders the object into box.
resize - resize()
Resizes the object to the width and height of its container.
trigger - trigger(eventData)
Executes all event listeners added with on() method.