action - action(action, msgId)
Triggers action of the popup
bindEvents - bindEvents()
Binds DOM events for actions
clear - clear()
Clears title, body, buttons of the popup.
close - close()
Closes popup.
focus - focus()
Sets keyboard focus to popup.
get - get()
Returns current popup options.
keydown - keydown(event)
Processes keyboard actions
load - load(options)
Loads new content for the popup from the server.
lock - lock(message, [showSpinner])
Locks popup window.
lockScreen - lockScreen([options])
Locks screen behind the popup
max - max()
Maximizes popup.
message - message(msgOptions);
Displays a message at the top of current popup.
min - min()
Minimizes popup.
open - open([message], [options]);
Opens a new popup or transitions to new content.
reset - reset()
Resets popup to default options.
resize - resize(width, height, [callBack])
Resizes existing popup.
resizeMessages - resizeMessages()
Resized opened messages within popup.
restoreTemplate - restoreTemplate()
Restores original template.
set - set(options)
Transitions popup to the new state.
template - template(data, id, options = {})
Parses provided HTML as popup template
toggle - toggle()
Toggles popup between maximized and normal states.
unlock - unlock()
Unlocks popup window.
unlockScreen - unlockScreen()
Unlocks screen behind popup.