assignToolbar - assignToolbar(panel, toolbar)
Assigned new w2toolbar object to a panel
content - content(type, [content], [transition])
Sets or retrieves panel content.
el - el(type)
Returns DOM element where content of the panel is rendered.
get - get(type)
Finds the panel and returns its object.
hide - hide(panel, [immediate])
Hides the panel.
hideTabs - hideTabs(type)
Hides the panel's tabs.
hideToolbar - hideToolbar(type)
Hides the panel's toolbar.
html - html(type, [content], [transition])
Sets or retrieves panel content.
load - load(type, url, [transition], [onLoad])
Loads content and renders it inside the panel.
lock - lock(panel, message, [showSpinner])
Locks layout panel.
message - message(panel, msgOptions);
Displays a message at the top of panel.
set - set(type, panel)
Finds the panel and extends it with provided object.
show - show(panel, [immediate])
Shows the panel.
showTabs - showTabs(type)
Shows the panel's tabs.
showToolbar - showToolbar(type)
Shows the panel's toolbar.
sizeTo - sizeTo(type, size, [instant])
Resizes the panel with animation
toggle - toggle(type, [immediate])
Toggles the panel.
toggleTabs - toggleTabs(type)
Toggles the panel's tabs.
toggleToolbar - toggleToolbar(type)
Toggles the panel's toolbar.
unlock - unlock(panel)
Unlocks layout panel.

Common Methods

destroy - destroy()
Destroys the object.
off - off(type, [handler])
Removes event listener from the object.
on - on(type, handler)
Adds event listener to a object.
refresh - refresh([id])
Refreshes the object without completely re-inserting it.
render - render([box])
Renders the object into box.
resize - resize()
Resizes the object to the width and height of its container.
trigger - trigger(eventData)
Executes all event listeners added with on() method.