Web 2.0 Touch is a concise JavaScript library for touch devices (iPhone, iPad, Android) or anything that runs on WebKit engine. Below is a short list of features.

  • HTML5 and CSS3
  • Dynamic page loads
  • Hardware accelerated transitions
  • Several CSS themes
  • EdgeToEdge and Rounded lists
  • Native looking tabs
  • Native looking buttons
  • Regular and Modal Overlays
  • Much more...

This is an open source project that you can participate in. To participate, fork it on https://github.com/vitmalina/Web-2.0-Touch and push your changes for the review when you are completed.

Online Demo

http://w2ui.com/demo/touch - only WebKit browsers

Mailing List

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The project is in active development. If you would like to receive email notifications about new releases, updates, and other relevant information, add your email to our mailing list. You should not receive more then one email per month or two.


web20touch.zip - Release 1.0 (stable), June 3, 2012
Change Log
  • Enhancement: Updated XML files for PhoneGap 1.9.0 support
  • Bug fix: toolbar item positioning
  • Bug fix: CSS segmented button problems
  • Bug fix: transition jerky movements
  • Enhancement: Added hidef icons for Retina screen iPhone submitions
web20touch-b4.zip - beta 4, May 8, 2012
Change Log
  • Bug fix: When iScroll is enabled, clicking on the input control does not set focus to the control
  • Enhancement: Forms page is added
  • Enhancement: On/Off control is added
web20touch-b3.zip - beta 3, November 14, 2011
web20touch-b2.zip - beta 2, October 12, 2011
web20touch-b1.zip - beta 1, September 22, 2011