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The w2ui is a JavaScript UI. Working knowledge of JavaScript, HTM, and CSS is required. You can use the library with any server side language (NodeJS, php, Java, .NET, perl, etc.). It can render data returned from the server or generated in the browser with JavaScript.


If you are using w2ui and looking for a small, non-oppininated way to organize your code, take a look at It provides a staring point (boilerplate) for an app that uses layout most suitable for w2ui applications.

Clone this rpository and open src/index.html in the browser.


You can download and use nightly builds that are available at There 2 files that you will need, w2ui.js and w2ui.css. Those files need to be included in every page where you want to use the library.

You can either use a stable version or nightly builds (they are not actually nightly, more like weekly).

What is Included

If you download the minified version of the library, the following JavaScript widgets are included

  • Grid - the most feature complete grid in existance
  • Forms - define fields in as an array, get generated HTML
  • Layout - user full "real estate" available
  • Toolbars - check/radio/regular buttons, drop menu, checkboxes, etc.
  • Sidebars - navigation and sub-navigation
  • Tree - sidebar can funtion as a tree
  • Tabs - rarely used, but still useful
  • Popup - alerts, confirmation boxes or general purpose popups
  • Fields - input fields upgraded
  • Utilitis - things I do not want to reimplement in each project

Working Example

Below is a complete example of HTML page that uses grid widget:

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