Popups and Overlays

Popups and overlays are popular UI elements of modern web applications. If used right, it can significantly enhance user interaction, provide clearity and improve navigation of your application. The w2ui library has both popups and overlays. A popup blocks the content of the application for the duration of user interaction. An overlay, in turn, is non-blocking UI solutions that displays additional information.


You can open a popup with content generated completely in JavaScript or load HTML file from a server.

JavaScript APIs

All functionality can be accessed from JavaScript in short, human-readble commands.

Event Driven

There are a number of events that allows to trigger functionality exactly when you need it.


Modern look and feel of overlays and popups with clean appearance and transitions.


Build-in transitions between old and new content of the popup.


Easy integration with other w2ui controls such as a form.

The Code

HTML Markup

User Comments

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