The form object helps to steamline common tasks related to data input and user interaction. You can use a number of useful field types (autocomplete, date, int, float, etc.) with automatic validation. The object helps you populate data from the server and submit changed back to the server.

Field Types

Autocomplete, date, int, float, date or just a simple text or text area are all build-in field types.


Input values are automatically validated to comply with field type. Required fields are enforced before submitting.

Multi Page

If you have lots of fields that do not fit one page, you can created multiple pages for the same form.

Event Driven

A number of useful events (onChange, onSubmit, onSave etc.) are all supported for your convenience.


Form offers a flexible way to use HTML templates loaded from a file or generated in JavaScript.

JavaScript APIs

All functionality can be accessed from JavaScript in short, human-readble commands.

HTML Markup

There is no restrictions on HTML template used for the form. You can use custom HTML with custom CSS. The example below uses default CSS classes. The only requirement is to provide names for input controls for data binding and names for action buttons.

The Code

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